Company Overview

Founded by Ivy League Technology Management Graduates from Columbia University in the city of New York that collectively have more than 50 years of IT experience, we at Aptek have been providing Information technology Solutions to our clients for over a decade.

We firmly believe in the Columbia University's motto of IN LVMINE TVO VIDEBIMVS LVMEN meaning In thy light we shall see light. We take great care to ensure our employees possess strong technical and business skills that enable us to deliver innovative Solutions that enhance overall business value for our clients.

We offer a wide range of IT services that address the diverse needs of our clients, including but not limited to Application Development, Migration & Maintenance in the cloud computing space, Data Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing, & Enterprise Strategy.

Our Consulting practice delivers a full range of technology consulting services from helping our clients develop their IT strategy, through business process design and optimization, solution design, implementation, and infrastructure optimization.

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